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Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles. Discover Victoria, the capital, with its famous clock tower. Walking through the lush green forests.

The highest mountain is the Morne Seychellois, whose summit 905 metres above sea level. Do not miss the fine beaches puderzuckerweißen escape. Maps and information material available in the Tourist Office in Victoria.

In the southern part of Mahe, the landscape and the vegetation is still very original. This area has very beautiful beaches. Most of the residents live on the Seychelles Island Mahe.




The island of Praslin is linked with countless stories and rich in history. In 1744, she was discovered by Lazare Picault. At that time it was mainly by pirates and Arab merchants as a hideout. The sea is a breathtaking drama with over 800 colorful fish species, between shells and coral reefs another. Almost the entire 44 km Praslin large surface is covered with tropical jungle. Flora and fauna flourish in the heart of the magnificent Maitals, where the fragrant vanilla blossoms, the famous "Coco de Mer" is growing and some of the rarest birds in the world sing their song. Praslin is ideal as a base to the smaller neighbouring islands to learn. Nature lovers will be thrilled by Praslin, in particular, Maital (Vallée de Mai), a charming nature reserve. The famous "Coco de Mer" with its einizigartigen form grows in abundance here. However, even this coconut to the protected species. Enjoy your stay on Praslin, by participating on the warm sandy beaches of the island relax. Listen to in the shade of coconut palms, the gentle sound of the sea the cheerful song of birds. There is no effective appeal against the everyday stress.




La Digue is located 43 km from Mahe and Praslin 6 km away. Gigantic island with amazing flora and fauna provides a wonderful holiday destination for all those who for a few days away from home. Although the island was discovered in 1744. Most visitors appreciate the island the heavenly peace. Nice is the sight of workers on the plantations her perform.

Take a ride in ox carts. Rent a bike to the roads and paths to explore the island. Be sure not to miss so often photographed the "Yellow House" escape, as one of the most attractive buildings of the archipelago. In any case, the breathtaking and unforgettable sight of Anse Source d'Argent in the evening to miss the sunset.


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