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Elke Fryling, Mauritius Travel
13 / 29-31 Romsey Street
Waitara, NSW 2077

A economic identification number in accordance with Section 139c of the German tax code is not necassary in Australia,  Here we use the commercial registry number.

ABN 65 385 690 527

We have on our site links to the Internet, its contents and update the sphere of influence of Mauritius Travel. Despite careful control applies to all these links: "Mauritius Travel has no influence on the design and content of other Internet pages. We therefore dissociate ourselves from any foreign content, even if our web site on this external pages a link was set." This statement applies to all on our homepage links. The content of linked sites are solely the responsibility of their operators.
We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and prices on this website (for example because of typing or price changes by our partners).
Do you want a detailed offer, then please contact us by e-mail form, e-mail or telephone.
How to reach us:
by Phone
from Germany: 0061 4 3158 1006 or 0061 2 9482 4268
from Australia: 0 4 3158 1006 or 0 2 9482 4268
from New South Wales: 04 3158 1006 or 9482 4268
by e-mail

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